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Members Come First

With Orbital Racing Group, our Syndicate members are the top priority. We strive to make sure every single one of our investors, however large or small feel valued and appreciated. This is achieved through attention to detail from buying the horse at the sales to making sure owners have a memorable day at the races.

Maximise the value

Maximise The Value

It is our aim to maximise the value out of your share by buying horses that can financially reward owners with success on the racetrack, enhancing what is already a great experience to be involved in racehorse ownership. Successful horses bring the most value to owners in terms of memorable moments and value for money which is what we aim to achieve.

We involve owners throughout the process of buying the horse, pre-training them, discussing racing plans with trainers, and tactics with jockeys on race days. We want members to feel like they are part of the process every step of the way.

Catering To Your Budget

We offer both large shares and small shares to cater to everyone’s budgets.
Orbital Syndicates – Our syndicates are for people looking to either invest large or small amounts.  Whether you want to purchase half the horse or just a small share, we have multiple benefits and different options that we can tailor towards your budget.  Get in touch or have a look at our current available syndicate options.


Catering to your budget

Memorable Experience

By investing into Orbital Racing Group, you become part owner of a racehorse, in training with one of the top trainers from around the world. This brings excitement and numerous benefits which include the chance to visit your horse and watch their work at the trainer’s stables, regular video updates from both the trainers, work riders, and jockeys who ride the horses. You will have the chance to watch your horse at the races by receiving owners and trainer’s badges where you will have access to the parade ring and be able to talk with the trainer and jockey pre and post-race. These are just some of the benefits in what promises to be a memorable ownership experience.
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